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The Mission of the Manuscript Society is to encourage the collection and preservation of manuscripts and documents; to stimulate and aid collectors in their various collecting specialties; to facilitate the exchange of information and knowledge among collectors, scholars, dealers and the general public; and to promote the highest professional and ethical standards.

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Manuscript Mondays

The Manuscript Society is hosting monthly webinars on topics for collectors.  Each hour long webinar provides an opportunity to peek behind the scenes of valuations, writing & publishing, purchasing/selling, auctions and more.  Find out more about upcoming webinars!

Postcard for San Antonio, Texas.

2024 Annual Meeting Registration Open!

Join us for Adventures in San Antonio and Austin.  In Austin, visits to three world class libraries: at the University of Texas in Austin, the Harry Ransom Center, and the Briscoe Center for American History, and the LBJ Presidential Library are planned.

illuminated manuscript

A Step-By-Step Guide to making an Illuminated Manuscript

Every time I see one of these amazing books, produced hundreds of years ago, I walk away in wonder. Close consideration shows the incredible detail of the images and the text. Did one person create it all?…

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The Beat Museum – An interview with Jerry Cimino

“What you’ll do now to me is a mystery, because what do you do with a degree in history?” Fortunately for us, Jerry Cimino decided in 2003 to take his collection of items he had personally gathered over 25 years: inexpensive reading copies of various books purchased at bookstores, minor [...]

December 4, 2023|

Florentine Codex – Aztec Culture – Entirely Digitized

Florentine Codex Disguised Mexica merchants in Tzinacantlan acquiring quetzal feathers in Book 9. (all images courtesy of the Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Florence, and by permission of MiBACT) In the 16th century, as the Spanish were conquering lands in the “New World,” Bernardino de Sahagún, a Spanish Franciscan friar [...]

November 17, 2023|

Manuscript Mondays: Thanksgiving Leftovers – Open Discussion

Manuscript Mondays Thanksgiving Leftovers:  A Manuscript Society virtual gathering! Monday, December 4, 2023 - 8:00PM Eastern, 5:00PM Pacific Moderator: Brian Kathenes - We’ll chat about our favorite manuscript memories from 2023 - Share a favorite piece from your collection - Ask questions of fellow members - Talk about what’s in [...]

November 14, 2023|

MM On-Demand: Rare Book Collecting with Ken Gloss (11/6/23)

The Inside Scoop on Rare Book Collecting with Ken Gloss Overview Ken will discuss growing up in the book business and show some of his favorite finds while enjoying “the thrill of the hunt.”  He will also share many fascinating anecdotes about private and institutional collecting, as well as guidelines [...]

October 4, 2023|

2024 Maass Research Grant Application Process Now Open

October 1, 2023 - Maass Research Grant Applications are now being accepted! Beginning in the academic 1999-2000 year, The Manuscript Society has provided research scholarships to graduate students who depend heavily on manuscripts for their research. 2024 is no exception. The 2024 research grant worth $5,000.00 assists students with travel, [...]

October 3, 2023|

Camden’s Annals reveal New Light on Elizabeth I

British Library researcher throws new light on Elizabeth I An opening from one of the manuscripts of Camden's Annals ©The British Library Board If you are as student of Tudor-Stuart English history, you will be familiar with the Camden Annals. William Camden’s Annals is a valuable source on [...]

September 21, 2023|

Manuscript Mondays: The Original “Wikipedia” – Siku Quanshu

“The Original Wikipedia:  18th Century Chinese Emperor Qianlong’s Siku Quanshu Project” Free, Live Webinar   CANCELED DUE TO ILLNESS Monday, October 3, 2023 - 8:00 PM Eastern, 5:00PM Pacific (U.S. and Canada) Presenter: Susan Lahey, MA, ISA CAPP Moderator: Brian Kathenes In 1772, Emperor Qianlong of China, a prolific poet, major art patron, and [...]

September 12, 2023|

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